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Public Involvement

LRTP outreach includes educating the public about the long range transportation planning process, raising awareness of existing transportation services, and providing opportunities for the public to inform the direction of planning efforts. Special emphasis is placed on public input because the transportation system affects every resident, employee, and visitor in the community.


Outdoor concert at Prairie Park, Urbana, August 8th, 2018 Image: CUUATS The LRTP 2045 planning process provided multiple opportunities for public involvement during the plan’s development. CUUATS staff advertised these opportunities via the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission website and local news outlets. For the LRTP 2045, public outreach efforts included an online interactive map tool, surveys, videos, a social media presence, and outreach tables at popular community events.

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Phase One Public Outreach

June 2018 to October 2018 The first round of public outreach took place between June and October of 2018. CUUATS staff prepared a table for the public at 17 community events during the initial outreach period. During this period, public input focused on gathering information about current transportation usage patterns, existing transportation network conditions, and priorities for the future of transportation. June 2018 Events 23 - Jettie Rhodes Neighborhood Day at King Park, Urbana 24 - Outdoor Concert at Garden Hills Park, Champaign

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Phase Two Public Outreach

September 2019 CUUATS staff collected the second round of public input in fall 2019 at 10 community events. Residents completed surveys regarding their concerns and interests about the LRTP future vision, such as lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower personal transportation costs, and higher quality transportation infrastructure. A digital survey was posted online to provide access to residents who were unable to meet with staff in-person. September 2019 Events 6 - Jettie Rhodes Neighborhood Day at King Park, Urbana 7 - Outdoor Concert at Garden Hills Park, Champaign

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Phase Three Public Outreach

The third and last phase of LRTP 2045 public involvement is a 30-day review period for the DRAFT LRTP 2045 from Wednesday October 23 to Thursday November 21, 2019. In addition to promoting this website for review, printed copies of the website are available at the following locations: Champaign Public Library Urbana Free Library Illinois Terminal in Champaign Savoy Municipal Center Tolono Public Library Mahomet Administration Building Champaign County Regional Planning Commission in Urbana Input received and updates made to the LRTP 2045 during the public comment period will be documented in this section as they are processed by CUUATS staff.

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