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This section contains an executive summary of the LRTP 2045 including two videos illustrating the planning process and future vision. This section also provides a history of local transportation infrastructure, local long range transportation plans, and federal transportation planning legislation.

Executive Summary

LRTP 2045 MPA and Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Image: CUUATS The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a federally mandated document that is updated every five years, and looks at the projected evolution of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, automobile, rail, and air travel over the next 25 years. The LRTP covers a 25-year Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), which encompasses the Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area as delineated by the 2010 U.

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Transportation Network 1855 | Inter-Urban Rail A horse-drawn “omnibus” connected travelers between the county seat of Urbana and the Illinois Central Railroad depot in Champaign. This line was upgraded in 1863, with the Urbana Railroad Company operating a mule-powered trolley on a rail between the two points. 1891 | Electrified Inter-Urban Rail The previous inter-urban rail was electrified in 1891, and expanded in the following years to include services between:

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